Monday, July 30, 2012

Using the Nexus 7 for business

We've been playing with the Nexus 7 longer than most —we got our hands on one at Google I/O— and —once we got it out of the box  we loved it.

And we're not alone. The press is loving it — including self-proclaimed iPad lover MG Siegler — and so are customers. There's even news that the 16Gb version has sold out.

Everyone agrees the Nexus 7 is a great content consumption device

But we think it's also great for running your business.

It's relatively cheap at $199/$249 (in the US), so acquisition costs are low.

No official word on the price in Europe yet, although an ASUS Italy's facebook post suggests a 249€ price for the 16 Gb version, so it's a definite contender when September comes around.

The added screen size means you can use the tablet optimized version of Mobizy to make the best use of all the real estate, and we think that this, paired with its portability, would make it a great device to use for a sales or field services team. 

Download Mobizy and turn your Nexus 7 into a business powerhouse.

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